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Manual tensioning tool plastic housing EVO9

Manual tensioning tool plastic housing EVO9 

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Standard grip span (90 mm) and short grip span (80 mm) available
Ergonomic, slip-proof handle for a comfortable and secure grip
Extremely low-maintenance
Fast and precise application with minimum effort (TLC-technology)
Convenient and simple tension adjustment
Integrated 3 position quick adjustment override (EVO9/EVO9SP/EVO9HT)
Housing made of resilient and lightweight glass fibre-reinforced polyester 

Base Data

Colour Red (RD), Black (BK)
Operation manually
Pack Cont. 1
Product Family EVO9 up to 13.5 mm strap width
Product Group Manual tensioning tool plastic housing
Short Description EVO 9 Mechanical Hand Tool, Standard Hand Span 90 mm, 1/pkg
Strap Thickness max. 2.0mm
Technical Description Standard Hand Span 90 mm
Tension Setting Tools Adjustable
Tool property Manual clipping
Tool suitable cable tie material Plastic

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